Our #1 bestselling app with 200+ delicious Paleo recipes from the kitchen of George Bryant of Civilized Caveman is now available to iPhone and Android users.

We launched Caveman Feast on the iPhone, and now we’re excited to make a splash with Paleo in the Google Play and Amazon marketplaces! Please help us out by downloading the app and leaving us a review.

You get over 200 delicious Paleo recipes including:

  • Beef - including our sweet caveman pie and honey mustard burgers.
  • Pork - Including crock pot pulled pork and honey baked ham with spice apples and peaches.
  • Chicken - including cannibal pasilla peppers and pumpkin chicken chili.
  • Seafood - garlic shrimp scampi and macadamia nut mahi-mahi
  • Breakfast - on the go caveman crunch bars and pumpkin pancakes.
  • Sides - grilled spiced peaches and sweet potato pasta.
  • Condiments - beasty BBQ sauce and easy grilled guacamole.
  • Grain-Free Goodies - blueberry banana brownies and chocolate avocado cake.
  • And lots more!


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